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About Us: People


The Center for Sustainability is a vital auxiliary unit with the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES). The primary goal of the Center is to assist the college in its goal to prepare leaders in sustainability through education, research, outreach, and through modeling sustainability through its operations.

Hunter Francis, Director
Hunter Francis is director and founder of the Center for Sustainability in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) at Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo. He holds an M.S. in Agriculture with a specialization in Soil Science from Cal Poly, where he also serves as a part-time lecturer. As part of his master's work, Hunter developed Cal Poly's Organic Agriculture course and the Cal Poly Organic Farm. In 2012, he founded Cal Poly's Compost Project. He has helped develop numerous community and continuing education workshops and conferences, most recently, the SLOcavore series in collaboration with Cal Poly Extended Education. He previously worked in the whole foods movement and has been active in the local community to strengthen regional agricultural systems. He is a board director of Central Coast Grown, the Sustainable Poultry Network and co-editor of 'Applied Biodynamics.'
Tel: (805) 756-5086

Claire Balint, Program Manager
Claire Balint is the Program Manager for the Center for Sustainability. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Integrative Biology from U.C. Berkeley, specializing in population ecology and insect physiology. She has also taught and conducted research at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in MD, the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA, and the Center for Insect Science at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Since joining CFS in 2012, Claire has learned that agriculture is in a unique position at the crossroads of science, technology, policy, and business and has been impressed by the opportunities it presents. Claire is committed to helping Cal Poly's students gain the skills and knowledge they need to meet today's cross-disciplinary challenges.
Tel: (805) 756-5086

Claire Wilson, Financial Analyst
Claire Wilson is the Financial Analyst for the Center for Sustainability. Prior to joining CFS, Claire worked as a program administrator for New Era Agricultural, The Rodale Institute, California Agricultural Leadership Foundation, and Boss Film Studios. Claire has travelled extensively through her career during which she was exposed first-hand to extreme poverty, lack of clean water and food shortages, which had a formidable impact on her. Claire believes sustainable agriculture can have an immediate impact in mitigating many of these problems and believes that it is vital to educate a new generation of agriculturists to understand how sustainable agriculture can help preserve our planet for coming generations.
Tel: (805) 756-5086

Faculty/Staff Committees 2012-2013

Over three dozen 'Center Participants' provide on-going feedback and assistance for Center activities. Of these Participants, three have been selected to serve on the Center's Steering Committee:

Dr. Rafael Jimenez: Dairy Science Professor
Kevin Piper: Director of Cal Poly Agricultural Operations
Rob Rutherford: Animal Science Professor

Other faculty, staff and students serve on Center Committees and as advisors.

Curriculum & Community: Curriculum, Continuing Education, Public Events
(Sustainable Agriculture Course, Interdisciplinary collaborations, Sustainability Learning Objectives, Lectures & Workshops)

Jim Ahern: Professor, Agribusiness Dept.
Hema Dandekar, Professor and Head, City and Regional Planning Dept.
Doris Derelian: Professor, Food Science & Nutrition Dept.
Lauren Garner: Professor, Horticulture & Crop Science Dept.
Jerusha Greenwood: Professor, Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration Dept.
John Harris: Professor, Natural Resources Management
David Headrick: Professor, Horticulture & Crop Science Dept.
Jenni James: Professor, Agribusiness Dept.
Rafael Jimenez: Professor, Dairy Science Dept.
Kate Lancaster: Professor, Accounting Dept.
Neal MacDougall: Professor, Agribusiness Dept.
Aydin Nazmi: Professor, Food Science & Nutrition Dept.
Tom Neuhaus: Professor, Food Science & Nutrition Dept.
John Phillips: Professor, Horticulture & Crop Science Dept.
Gerry Ritchie: Professor, Food Science & Nutrition / Wine & Vit Program
Rob Rutherford: Professor, Animal Science Dept.
Tessa Salzman: City & Regional Planning Student / Real Food Collaborative President
Pete Schwartz: Professor, Physics Dept.
Mark Shelton: Associate Dean, College of Agriculture
Scott Vernon: Professor, Agricultural Education & Communication Dept.

Agro-Ecosystem Stewardship: Sustainability Practices Demonstration, Applied Learning
(Sustainable Stewards Internships, Cal Poly Compost Project, On-Farm Metrics/Certifications)

Kim Busby: Water Quality Management Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety Dept.
Brian Dietterick: Professor, Natural Resources Management & Envronmental. Sciencess Dept.; and Director, Swanton Pacific Ranch
Dennis Elliot: Cal Poly Sustainability Manager, Facility Services Dept.
Adrienne Greve: Professor, City and Regional Planning Dept.
Mark Horney: Professor, Animal Sciences Dept.
Christopher Kitts: Professor, Biological Sciences Dept.
Aaron Lazanoff: Beef Center Manager, Animal Science Dept.
Tryg Lundquist: Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.
Jerry Mahoney: Production Manager, Cal Poly Organic Farm
Lynn Moody: Professor, Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences Dept.
Yarrow Nelson: Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.
Kevin Piper: Director, Agricultural Operations
Rob Rutherford: Professor, Animal Science Dept.
Jeff Reimer: Instructional Technician, Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences Dept.
Steve Sherman: Farm Operations Technician
Craig Stubler: Instructional Support Technician, Natural Resources Mgmt. & Environmental Sciences Dept.
Stuart Styles: Professor, Bio-Resource & Ag Engineering Dept. / Director, Irrigation Training & Research Center
Karen Vaughn: Professor, Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences Dept.
Sam Vigil: Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.
Liz Will: Professor, Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences Dept.
Jeff Wong: Professor, Horticulture & Crop Science Dept.
Nazli Yesiller: Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept. / Director, Global Waste Research Institute

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Advisory Board

We are honored to have some of California's leaders in agriculture and natural resource management providing guidance on Center activities.

Steve Balling: Director, Agricultural & Analytical Services, Del Monte Foods
Renata Brillinger: Executive Director, California Climate and Agriculture Network
Alejandro Castillo: Farm Advisor - Dairy Science, UCCE
Paul Cracknell: VP / General Manager Southern Region, Driscoll's
Ralph Crevoshay: President, VermiVision, Inc.
Jason Diestel: Director of Sustainability, Diestel Family Turkey Ranch
Michael Dimock: President, Roots of Change
Paul Dolan: Winemaker, Author
Cliff Garrison: Ranch Operations Manager, Hearst Ranch
Bruce Gibson: Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors
Robert J.Hrubes: Executive Vice President, SCS Global Services
Mark Klever: General Manager, Bel Campo Farms
Todd Kodet: Senior Vice President, Earthbound Farm
Bob Lilley: Ex Officio, San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner
Bryce Lundberg: VP of Agriculture, Lundberg Family Farms
Gena Nonini: Owner, Marian Farms
Cliff Ohmart: Vice President of Professional Services, SureHarvest
James Parker: Facility Team Leader, Whole Foods Market
Alain Pincot: Managing Partner / Operations, Bonipak Produce / Betteravia Farms
Kent Reeves: Certified Wildlife Biologist, Certified Professional in Rangeland Management
Claudia Reid: Director, Governmental Affairs, California Strawberry Commission
James Rickert: Partner, Western Agricultural Services / Prather Ranch
Nikki Rodoni: Director of Sustainability, Gills Onions, LLC / Rio Farms, LLC
Tim Stemwedel: President, California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.
Jean-Pierre Wolff: President and Winemaker, Wolff Vineyards

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