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Soil Health Dimensions

Join us in the development of a comprehensive
online educational series on soil health

The Dimensions of Living Soil

Hidden under our feet is a network of organisms that perform a vast array of crucial functions. Our under-appreciation of the soil microbiome and its vital role in supporting life has led to missed opportunities in the maintenance of soil health. Today, a new generation of farmers and scientists are shedding light on the connections between soil biodiversity and thriving agricultural systems. The Soil Health Dimensions Project aims to illuminate these connections by looking at soil biology's role in soil health from multiple perspectives. Our goal is to make this information available to a wide range of practitioners interested in harnessing the power of biological processes to increase agricultural productivity, save money and reduce environmental impacts.

Dig Deeper

A key to assessing, establishing and promoting soil health is understanding soil biology - how soil organisms function, interact with plants, cycle nutrients, improve growing conditions, and benefit growers and land managers of all sorts. A better understanding of soil health leads to more cost-effective decision-making and management in the field. The series will also benefit others along the food and fiber value chain such as input suppliers, consultants, sales people, policy makers, recyclers, educators and even consumers wishing to know more about environmentally-friendly food production.

Contribute to Building a New Kind of Resource

It's time to make the most of advances in our knowledge about soils. Interest in ways to foster soil health is gaining momentum, but information is spread across multiple platforms and often difficult to access. We are creating a 10-part educational series that brings together much of this distributed information and makes it user-friendly. The series will provide valuable instruction, numerous resources and new methods for measuring and enhancing soil health. Initial support for this series was provided by USDA’s Western SARE program. We seek to raise an additional $50,000 for the culmination of this project, which will include compilation and editing of content and graphics, and production and promotion of a screen-cast webinar series. Once complete, the series will be accessible to anyone to view at any time. To make a contribution toward completion of the project, please CLICK HERE

Alternatively, please contact us at the phone number or email listed below, or send your contribution by check payable to Center for Sustainability to:

Center for Sustainability
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The Online Educational Series

This series will provide a comprehensive yet concise and easy-to-understand look at essential dynamics in living soil systems, drawing from the experience of a wide range of experts in this field. Topics that will be covered include: concepts of soil health/quality, soil organisms, soil organic matter, nutrient cycles, implications of biology in fertility management, the soil microbiome, soil health assessments, management practices, amendments and ecosystem services. An inventory of related resources will be provided to support the series. The series will be free to the public, though participants will also be given the option to enroll for a fee to receive a Cal Poly Certificate of Completion.

For more information about the series, please contact us.

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